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been a while

May. 14th, 2004 | 06:07 pm
mood: complacentcomplacent

It's been a while since Mum posted for me. It's been busy. Mum has been packing up things in boxes. I don't know what this means, but I guess I'll find out.

Something has made me nervous, and I have broken out in hotspots. Mum wipes my huge booboos twice a day & gives me medication. She took me to the vet last week for my annual visit, and I got my shots, they gave me a bath...and did my glands! OUCHEEEE! But at least I don't itch there anymore. They also injected me with something different near my back. Mum said it's a microchip, but it HURT!

My hotspots are taking a while to heal, and I keep scratching them because the scab itches. But Mum & Dad try to stop me from scratching. I stink, but Mum doesn't want to take me to the groomer until my hotspots heal a little better. She says my natural skin oil should help me heal, rather than a scrubdown.

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(no subject)

Mar. 31st, 2004 | 09:54 pm
mood: happyhappy

It's been a while since I've posted here...Mum's just had a lot to do.

Last week, Mum took me to her Mum's house to spend a few days. Seems Grandmum was sick. I like her house - she has a big yard. but I don't like the little room Mum makes me sleep in. Anyway, Grandmum loves me a lot - I'm her first granddog - I'm even older than the first grandkid.

Dad came back into town last night. He was gone a week on a trip. Mummy was happy to see him, but I think I was more happy. I missed roughing around with him.

Here's a site a friend sent me to: http://www.thedog-clubs.com/thedog.html

though I think i'm cuter than the bulldog on there.

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new Dogster number

Mar. 17th, 2004 | 08:31 pm
mood: contentcontent

Mum got tired of waiting for Dogster to "complete their move to the new server" so she just re-registered me again:


Today, Mum took me to the salon. It's about time - I was pretty stinky. And itchy. My scabs from the hotspots have healed up, so I'm scratching all the time. I was also scooting around on my butt - you know what THAT means!!!

So when we got to the salon, Mum spoke to the lady in charge there & then they took me to the back, where I saw a cousin! There was another bulldog there, but he was much bigger than me. Mum said I am better looking too. The lady said that the other bulldog HATES getting his nails done & his owner has to hold him down when they do it. But she said I am always nice & sweet. I know I am!

Mum left, and a few hours later, she came back to get me. Good thing, because I hate being locked up in that crate near all those yappy dogs. But when Mum came back, Dad was with her too! Wow, what a surprise! But I was more happy to see Mum. I let her put that mean harness on me, and we jumped into the car for the quick ride home.

It's always nice to get back home - I was really thirsty & I had to poop too. But once that was taken care of, I just felt...oh well, I had to SCOOT! Mom caught me & was upset. She asked me if they did my glands, because she told the lady. I don't remember!!!

Anyway, I am now going to nap next to Mum as she types away on the computer.

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it's been a while..

Mar. 15th, 2004 | 12:26 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

Sorry, Mum just hasn't had the chance to post here for me... plus, I haven't been feeling too well. I just keep scratching myself & making new hotspots. I'm just a nervous wreck, I don't know why. I think cuz Mum is changing. She keeps telling me I'm going to be a big brother, whatever that means.

The other day, she was playing with me, and then she had to run into the bathroom. She closed the door & I heard this bad noise. I tried to get in, but she had the door closed. Luckily, Dad was home & he came to see what was happening. He opened the door & I charged in. Mum was cleaning something up & it smelled bad. then she brushed her teeth. Dad told me that she was okay & I needed to calm down.

Whatever the case, I just feel I need to be by her all the time. She needs me to watch out for her, because I know something's going on.

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Fresh & Clean!

Feb. 24th, 2004 | 10:59 pm

This morning, Mum put my harness on early - uh oh, where are we going so early? Turns out, it was to the salon! Well, good, because I was kind of stinky from being in the park on Saturday. I also started scratching myself again, making another bloody patch.

The ladies @ the salon were nice, as always. But I don't like how they put me in a crate till it's my turn for a bath.

Mum came back for me after I was clean. I'm always ready to run out the door of that place & get home! actually, I need to pee whenever I get out of there! They don't walk me often enough!

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A Day @ the Bullympics!

Feb. 21st, 2004 | 04:58 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted

Whew! I am exhausted! This morning, Mum & Dad woke up early. I had a feeling we were going someplace, when I saw Mum put the towels in the car. Wooooohooo!!!

But then she put my harness on me, oh I HATE wearing that thing. I didn't know where we were going, but I was happy because both Mum AND Dad were going. So I jumped right into the car & we were off.

I was looking out the window the whole time, but I didn't recognize where we were. Finally, the car slowed down and...I could SMELL something! I started walking back & forth in my "spot".

We parked the car & I was all too happy to get out. After a quick poop (which Mum cleaned up), we walked over to THE BULLDOG OLYMPICS!!!! Actually called the Bullympics! There were about 50 other bulldogs there - it was wonderful!

I even saw my first Mum, but she didn't bring my sister Lizzie. Too bad, it would've been nice to see her. Mum & Dad didn't enter me this year, because I am old & it was hot outside. That was fine with me - I was happy greeting all the other bulldogs - for about 10 minutes. Then it got too hot. But Mummy is so smart - she brought my portable water bowl. But it was so dusty there (not much grass anymore), so I was getting all muddy.

When people heard my name, they automatically recognized me because of my picture on the buddiesthrubullies.org website. So it was neat - I made a lot of new friends. :D

Mum & Dad had pizza for lunch & Dad gave me a bite. I can always count on him for some human food. Mum doesn't like to spoil me, but she had lots of dog biscuits.

There were all kinds of bulldogs there - some were rescues, some were bred, some were young, some were old, some were skinny, some were fat. there was one bulldog who kept barking the whole time - everyone was saying he sounded like a seal! hahaha.

Anyway, we left after about an hour. I had enough. On the drive home, I was too hot to sleep in the car, though the air was on full blast. We got home & I just collapsed into my bed.

I'm still tired, but it was fun to go out.

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it's been a while

Feb. 20th, 2004 | 10:21 pm
mood: contentcontent

Lots has happened since I last posted, so I'll try to remember in order..

Mum & Dad left me alone in the house when they went away. I knew they were going away because they brought out those big black things & started putting clothes in. That made me sad. But the only good news is that the nice girl & her dad came over to take care of me. They play with me a lot. So, though I was lonely during the day, I was so happy that they were taking care of me.

Mum used to put me in a kennel @ the vet's office, and there was a lot of action, but at night, it would get scary. But all the people there loved me & everyone always wanted to play with me.

I just wish Mum would take me where ever she goes.

My hotspot cleared up a lot, thanks to the medication I have been taking. I still need to pee a lot. In fact, I went in the house when the doggie sitter was taking care of me.

This week was great - Mum was home A LOT. We have fun together. I like to snuggle in the corner, next to her chair when she's on her computer. I feel comfortable.

There is something different about Mum these past few weeks, and I just can't explain it, but I just need to be near her now. I will protect her. When I sit up straight in front her, ehe calls me her "gargoyle" - whatever that means.

Tomorrow is the Annual Bullympics. I've only gone once, that was about 2-3 years ago. Mum doesn't like to wake up so early on the weekends. I heard Mum ask Dad to go with her - that would be the only way she could take me, because I am too heavy for her to handle around all those other bulldogs. I don't think Dad would go - he HATES waking up early.

Mum told me earlier this week that I am famous. I am now on the t-shirts for BuddiesThruBullies.org. It's funny, because Mum said they didn't ask permission to put me on, but since I'm on the front page of the website, they just wanted to use that picture. You can see the shirts for sale here: http://www.cafeshops.com/helpabulldog

Mum said she was going to change the picture on the site, which is fine for me - I am not a rescue. I am cute, but I am not a rescue bulldog. I will still be the mascot for the English Bulldog Webring. :)

When I checked my LJ today, I saw that many of my LJ friends have registered on Dogster. So Mum registered me too!


Okay, I think I'm going to nap!

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uh oh...

Feb. 6th, 2004 | 04:22 pm
mood: relievedrelieved

I had an accident in the middle of the night, but Mum didn't discover it till this morning. She's blaming Dad, cuz she thinks I barked when he was around & he just didn't let me out. She also found that I had peed in the living room, yep, it was another time when Mum wasn't around & Dad didn't let me out in time. I'm sorry...this medication makes me have to GO!

But at least my hotspot has healed.

Anyway, Mum mopped the floors & kept me outside the whole time. I was very angry - I don't like being outsire, especially when it's hot outside. But I ended up taking a nap anyway.

When I woke up, Mum said we were going to the salon. Good, because I had laid down in some dusty dirt & I was covered in it. So Mum put my harness on me (I hate wearing that!), and I jumped into the car to go to the salon.

The lady there is really nice. She told Mum to take off my harness right away & she put a string around my neck & led me right to the bathtub. Scrub a dub dub! the ladies there are nice to me & I am nice to them. That's why they all remember my name. Except I don't like it when they stick their fingers up my butt - YUCK! Later on, they used that loud blowdryer on me & brushed me. I felt good. But then they put me in a crate, where I had to wait for Mum.

Mum came to pick me up & I was so ready to go - I was so thirsty and I had to PEE!! The lady put a blue scarf on me (Mum likes to see me dressed up), and I saw Mum waiting by the desk. I ran right to her. She put my harness on & we went outside..boy, did I ever have to PEEEEEEEEE!!!! We walked to the car & ...uh oh, I felt another urge... not only did I have to pee, but I also had to...

But then Mum yanked me & said I can do that at home. Ooh! Okay, mum, just get me back to my nice home where I can do anything I want.

We got home & I just sprawled out on the tile floor. Oh, it felt so good!!!! Mum has left the sliding door open for me so I can go out anytime I like. Dad doesn't like that, but I bet he will start doing it now.

I'm going to take a nap now, while Mum watches Oprah...

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sad day today.

Feb. 4th, 2004 | 10:53 pm
mood: melancholymelancholy

Mum told me that Meatball - Adam Sandler's bulldog - died today. We were watching some TV show & Adam said how Meatball went in for an operation & died on the table.

Mum said she wonders if Meatball was getting neutered. She says that's one reason why she didn't let that happen to me, because she was told that there's always a risk when a bulldog is "put under."

I'm just glad I still have my balls.

Anyway, rest in peace, Meatball. We loved watching your movies on http://www.adamsandler.com

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feeling better

Feb. 3rd, 2004 | 05:29 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

I'm feeling much better today, though I might not look it.

The day started off not so well. In the morning, I barked for Mum to get up & let me out. She didn't come. So guess what happened. Yes, I went in my "room." I couldn't help it! Mum knew I've been drinking a lot of water - these pills she's giving me make me thirsty!

Mum didn't yell at me, and she cleaned everything up. She washed all my blankies & toys. I tried not to sit in it. I am a bit stinky, but it might be from the scab that's forming on my neck. Mum said I'm not going to the groomer until my hotspot has healed some more.

She let me go outside in the backyard during the late afternoon. It was nice & sunny, so I laid out. I think my hotspot is getting better. I hope Mum doesn't put anymore of that ouchy stuff on me again.

I think I'm going to sleep in the kitchen while Mum cooks dinner...

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