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Pet safety on planes

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Jul. 27th, 2005 | 11:52 am

FYI - we can look up the unfortunate reports on how many pets traveling in the baggage holds of US commercial aircraft are killed, lost or injured while in each airline's care.

This is a new DOT policy for airlines to report. (thanks to animal rights groups!)


In the July 2005 report, these stats were listed for May 2005:

Carrier Death Injury Loss
AlaskaAir 1 1
ComAir 1
Continental 2 1
Frontier 1
Northwest 1 1
USAir 1

Total 4 5 1

In reading the report, you can click on each airlines' link to find out the details of each occurrence.

For example, in Continental's case, they reported the TOTAL ANIMALS SHIPPED DURING REPORTING PERIOD: 6,372.
The one injury occurred to a cat, who escaped its kennel. (no flight involved)
One of the deaths occurred to a dog "The dog died of natural causes, not because of transit " on a flight from Hawaii to New York.

The second death was a rat, who "appeared to have died of natural causes, not because of transit. Rat was deceased upon arrival of the 1:15 flight between Houston, TX and McAllen, TX"

(feel free to pass on...)

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