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NIGEL IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Aug. 5th, 2004 | 10:21 pm
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Nigel was @ the vet's last week from Tues-Fri, but when we brought him home, he had bad diarrhea. It was difficult for me to clean up, being 38 wks pregnant. On Friday night, after eating, Nigel vomited, passed out & started convulsing. My husband was there & got Nigel "out of it," but we ended up rushing him to an emergency vet at 1am, just in case. The vet said that Nigel probably ate too fast, vomited, & aspirated some of the vomit, which caused him to pass out.

Saturday, we were exhausted & missed our baby prep class...and luckily, we found a carpet cleaning service who came out that day.

But Sunday night, it happened again. So on Monday, I brought Nigel back to the vet & asked them to keep him until they resolve the diarrhea problem...because my husband is working 15 hr days & I just can't handle the cleaning at this point. I was also hoping they'd drain more of the fluid that had accumulated in his belly.

Tuesday afternoon, they said that it had cleared up - the dr gave him Flagil (sp?), in addition to his heart meds. His belly looks more normal now too. Yeahy! I wasn't able to pick Nigel up until today...and boy, am I glad to have my ol' Nigel back!

My mother is coming tomorrow & staying for 6 weeks. Though she's here for the baby, I know she'll be able to help with Nigel too.

I've never been so happy to hear him snore!!!!!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who prayed for Nigel. It worked!!!!!

(BTW, the reason why I hadn't updated this LJ is because I didn't have a computer for over a week! Sorry..)

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from: mettalchikk
date: Aug. 6th, 2004 03:09 pm (UTC)


We've been so worried about Nigel!!! So pleased to hear he's home and snoring his head off!!! *giggles*

Hey! Do you have a favorite photo I can use for our bulldogfanz Member's Gallery (in the profile)?? It wouldn't be a real bully member's gallery without one!!! :)

I'll resize & put his name on... just let me know which pic to grab and I'll get it up there asap!!!

Again, Let me say how wonderful it is to hear Nigel is home!!!! yay!

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from: grrlkissgrrl
date: Aug. 6th, 2004 08:29 pm (UTC)

HOOOORAY.. Lucy and I have been praying for Nigel all this time. thank god he's okay. i hope he stays that way for a while after all i'd feel bad for the new baby if she never got to see his beautiful face! good luck with the baby and Nigel :)

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